Frequently asked question on application and implementation of National Star Classification audits

How many rooms should a classification body ask to see?

The number or percentage of rooms to be checked has not been stipulated. The classification board should in any case select several rooms for inspection on a random basis and not leave this task solely up to the hotel.

How guest reviews are monitored?

Guest reviews shall be considered before inspection and during validation of the certificate (3 years)

What must be taken into account when awarding points?

Points will only be awarded when a criterion has been fulfilled entirely for every room or as specified in the respective criteria.

How can the hotelier provide documentary evidence of having attained the ‘Superior’ classification?

The designation ‘Superior’ may be used in the hotel’s marketing communication.

How often are the criteria of the Hotelstars Union revised?

Classification criteria should be regularly adjusted to market requirements. The system is revised on a regular basis (maximum six years). The current criteria catalogue is valid until 2025.

How guest reviews are monitored?

Guest reviews shall be considered before inspection and during validation of the certificate (3 years)

Why does the Hotel Classification System have mandatory as well as voluntary criteria?

Mandatory criteria per category guarantee the standard level. Voluntary criteria gives entrepreneur the freedom for hoteliers to offer his guests the additional services, while also prioritizing the classification.

The general impression of the hotel is sufficient for _____________ requirements. (High) What does it mean?

Furnishing and equipment are high-quality and offer first-class comfort. The overall appearance is in front colour and materials.

We have shoe polishing machine, would it be enough or we have to have service?

Either a shoe polishing machine in the hotel or a shoe polishing service can be offered.

Device for internal and external communication on demand with an instruction manual (printed or digital)

This is telephone in the room. The guest must be informed about this during check-in.

Bilingual service directory - What exactly does it mean?  

Guest service directory – This is book or tablet with information about services and facilities of hotel.

Washable bath mat - We have a foot towel, is this enough? on daily change

Yes, foot towel is acceptable.  

What is a ‘valet parking’ service?

The car keys can be handed over to a valet at the hotel entrance, who brings the car back to the hotel entrance when the guest is leaving.

How can staff be reached within those 8 hours during which the reception is not opened?

Hotel staff on duty must be available at the hotel for 24h (need to do check-in and -out).

Is it possible for the concierge, the page boy and the doorman to be one and the same person?

No, this is expressly excluded. Points are only awarded for this service if separate personnel are deployed.

Why are no indications provided regarding the minimum size of hotel rooms per star rating?

There is no room size requirement for Hotelstars category. The presence of spacious rooms gives the hotel more points.

Annual pillow cleaning and / or renewal of pillows

Verified via certificate or invoice. If the hotel has washing machines available, in which the pillows are regularly washed at 60 or 90 degrees and documented, this criterion will be considered fulfilled.

What is meant by ‘beverage offer in the room’?

An unchilled bottle of water in the room suffices. It is irrelevant whether or not the guest is charged for the beverage. If the tap water is of high quality, glasses and a carafe are accepted.

Can a restaurant also be used as a conference room?

No, even a restaurant that has the equipment of a conference room will not be recognized as a conference room.


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