October 19, 2020

Be the voice of Azerbaijan in Virtual Arena!

Recent days, we are experiencing the circulation of wrongful and falsified information around the internet about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Recent days the escalation of the unresolved Nagorno Karabakh conflict has triggered provocations and falsified information by pro-Armenian supporters. Prevention of such cases by spreading the truth has become the vital mission for all of us. AHA encourages the hospitality industry to join the initiative and become the voice of Azerbaijan in the virtual arena:

  • Use a publicly open profile;
  • Share posts only with facts & reliable information from government authorities;
  • Use trending hashtags related to the topic;
  • Tag international media channels;
  • Share/repost/retweet government officials' posts to reach larger audience;
  • Do not share, repost, or comment on pro-Armenian post and content. It will only increase their engagement rate and will make their posts trending. Please only report this kind of accounts and posts;
  • Avoid any harassment, bullying, humiliation and inappropriate language when posting and commenting. This only make damage to our image and can lead to delete of posts/blocking accounts;

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