What We Do
AHA is a powerful voice and membership organization representing the hospitality industry in Azerbaijan
We encourage and lead the implementation of international standards and share best international and domestic practices among hotels in order to promote quality improvements and assure fair competitiveness within the hospitality industry, thus supporting Azerbaijan as an acknowledged, appealing and successful tourism destination.
Assist and encourage the performance improvements of hotels, cooperate with the governing body to ascertain effective regulations and supportive laws that promote stable growth of tourism, sustainability and foreign exchange earnings.
Quality Enhancement
Encourage the enhancement of international hospitality standards and service quality and to organize international exchange programs and visits staging academic training programs.
National Hotel Star Classification
Establish and monitor an official hotel classification and star rating system in accordance with HOTREC's Hotelstars Union (HOTELSTARS.EU) www.hotrec.eu
Advocacy on members' challenges
Conduct surveys and diagnose the common challenges within domestic hotels, thus devising potential solutions by order of priority.
Promote more productive synergies among hotels in the areas of Sales & Marketing, operation and co-operation.
International Marketing
Promote the country's brand and image, participate in and contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's national tourism strategy, and to cooperate with the Tourism Board in their international and domestic promotions.
Support in Education
Supervise, support and improve existing vocational and high-level schools of hospitality and tourism; and with the cooperation with international hotel schools, to assist in establishing new ventures of improved educational standards.
Establish an open communication link with all members (webpage, newsletters, meetings).